Born in Germany, grew up in Spain, misses England and aspires to

be a nomad. Grew up on Hip Hop , Funk & Rock, fell in love with Blues and is

humbled by Jazz. After 4 years of living, gigging, working and out-living

in London, the focus shifted to Barcelona, with the desire to focus on guitar

and a pinch of jazz harmony. 1 year later the road led back home, where after

a lot of experimenting the new sound was slowly but surely taking shape.

Steven Aydeen’s music is a compound that is made up of 3 elements:


Element 1 consists of beats filled with a Tbsp of Soul, R&B, a tsp of Hip Hop,

a pinch of Rock, sprinkle of electronic and a glassful of guitar as well as guitar

derived sounds, sampling and looping his own playing, often even bending

and stretching it to a point where the guitar is no longer recognisable.


Element 2 is composed of vocals which draw inspiration from a wide range of genres and

singers such as , James Brown, D’angelo, Anderson .Paak, Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley,

Marvin Gaye, Chino Moreno, Chris Cornell, Curtis Mayfield, Kendrick Lamar,

and so many more.


Element 3 is made up of Introspective lyrics about the infinite amount of bugs crawling behind

our skulls; love, depression, struggles within, struggles outside and how to change in order to

change, are burst onto a canvas prepped with a landscape of androgynous colours. Light yet

dark, sad yet uplifting. Now, if we cut out the whole gummy talk and make a long story short;

heavy mood swings.


Summer 2019 will see the re-release of the newly mixed, mastered and partly re-recorded

Groove Box Sketches EP now titled: Groove Box Sketches…No More. Late Summer/ early

Autumn is expected to be the frame for the release of the 2nd EP (which for now remains

untitled) and a few candy bars in between.

© 2019 Steven Aydeen

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